Kristen James: A Student Profile

There’s a saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. This statement perfectly fits Kristen James, a sophomore from Orlando, Fla. The first year collegiate cheerleader hardly fits the common stereotype, which is that of a less than bright girl. In actuality, she is a socially aware and conscious young woman. Although she enjoys many of the past-times of her peers like, shopping, music, and dancing, there is more to her than meets the eye.

James found her passion in Journalism during her senior year at Bishop Moore Catholic High School. She chose Hampton University as her choice for a collegiate experience and education because of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. She chooses to be non-judgmental in her actions and thoughts towards others. “We don’t have that right.” said James, “Whatever an individual chooses to do, that’s their choice. I can be one less person judging them.”

However, James does have a conscious side. One experience that led to her developing this was her second trip to Jamaica. The first trip was of the vacation type; the second however was a church mission trip. It was here that her faith in God developed, and her heart for the less fortunate increased. As with any tourist trip, the first experience showed her the glamorized aspects of Jamaica. The second trip however showed her the poverty that also existed in the perceived paradise. This trip was the one that impacted her more. This experience included helping to build a house for James.

Friend Chimere Washington, a sophomore business management major from Philadelphia, has known James for about two years when they met through a mutual friend. “I realized that she was non judgmental when she told me she went to a school with diverse races and that she was comfortable around the different races.”
In regards to Americans, James was candid, “I think we’re very selfish. We take from everyone else and when the people that we take from come here out of admiration, we discriminate, and it’s not right.” James believes that individual change is the solution. She believes that if we didn’t teach racism but instead taught equality, things would be better.

Friend Korrea Johnson, a Harrisburg, Pa. native who resides in Raliegh, NC, says that James is expressive in her views of the Hampton University social scene. “As far as social equality, she (James) doesn’t like the ranks and categories that Hampton (University) has, like if you can “dress” or if everyone knows you, or if your from Maryland. The cliquish type of stuff.”

James’ social conscious is formed from her influences. Among them is Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, and Mohandas Gandhi. She admires the outstanding impact they each had on the world at large. She admires Gandhi’s non-violent approach, Rosa Parks’ stance for equality, and Mother Theresa’s charitable works.

Another influence on James’ life is that of the Black Panther Party. She admires their strength and their love of self. “People have their own way of making a statement, and all of these people made an impact on the world.” With the mind and heart she possesses, Kristen James is bound to impact the world.



Went to a concert in VA Beach Friday night, and I had a GREAT time. Jesus was definitely represented! The concert featured R-Swift and The Ambassador. They both performed individual sets, of about 6 to 7 songs.

Amba performed “Get You Open”, “Gimme Dat”, “My Clothes, My Hair”, “The Chop Chop”, “Whatchu Say”, and “Jesus”

Amba rockin the crowd

Swift performed “That Girl”, “Good Morning”, “Trap Muzik”, “No, No, No”, “Awesome God”, “Anthem”, and the Intro track from his debut album “Revolutionary Theme Muzik.

Swift controlling the crowd

This was The Ambassador’s first performance in the United States after returning from a sabbatical.

The setting was fun, yet intimate and allowed a peek into some of the artists that have impacted the lives of myself and others.

On a side note I got to meet and take a picture with Swift. He seemed to be genuinely interest to talk with anyone who wanted to talk to him. SHOUTOUT to him for that.

Me and Swift, chuckin the duece lol

Make sure you check out Swift’s latest album, “Anthem” and check out Ambassador’s latest album “The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat” and in the summer keep your eyes open for a mixtape from Swift during the summer.

In The Future…..

As a 20 year old college student, the future is always a constant thought. How will my career shape up? How will I meet my wife? What kind of Dad will I be?

For me I know ONE thing I won’t be a deadbeat dad.

St. Louis Hip-Hop artist Thi’sl made this song, it’s featured on his album, “Chronicles of an X-Hustler” which was released in August of 2009. This song and album spoke to me deeply and has been something that was on my mind before I had even heard the song.

Give it a listen.


Como estas?

Just kidding (no disrespct to my latin friends)

Well, this is the first of hopefully a successful SECOND run at blogging. I will be weighing in on anything that comes across my radar. I’m an avid sports fan, and that is mostly what I will talk about here. (lol) hope you enjoy my blog!