Phanatik “Brand New Day”

I was really sleeping on the Phanatik, here’s a song off of his 2005 album “The Incredible Walk”. CM been doing the quality hip hop thing, and Phanatik’s been apart of all of it. Enjoy the song, “Brand New Day”.


Opinion: My Thoughts on Pastors bringing “positive” speakers to the Church

I was thinking about a trend in the Christian community that scares me. It was prompted by a tweet by Pastor Jamal Bryant. In which he spoke about having rapper T.I. come to speak to the youth of his church. This alarms me, because in my opinion this gives T.I. the proverbial stamp from a prominent Christian minister.

I can gather the reasoning behind bringing in a T.I. to share his life experiences and talk about changes he’s made to his lifestyle. That’s great, and life is a process of growth, I get that, but I would rather see Jamal Bryant and many other pastors opt for another route in accomplishing this.

Bringing in T.I. no doubt will draw people because of his popularity in pop culture, and I can only imagine that he will tell young people that they should strive to be educated and avoid negativity. WAIT. Jamal Bryant is a Christian minister, so shouldn’t any speaker that you bring in be reinforcing what your ministry stands for?

While T.I.’s message is a good one and definitely has a place, as a Christian Minister, Jamal Bryant is obligated with providing truth and answers to people who are searching for them. That answer is Jesus. Any speaker that doesn’t share that message, I believe should not be bought in by a Church to speak to its youth. We need the TRUTH to be taught, shared, and preached.

We don’t need another “I stopped my old lifestyle cause I didn’t wanna die” or “I stopped cause I saw how it hurt my mom, etc.”, or the worst, in my opinion,  “I stopped cause I found another way to make my money.” None of these show a true repentance from sin, cause if mom or whoever wasn’t there, or you didn’t find another way to make money, you’re still where you were.

How about the “I stopped because God convicted me of sin” or “I stopped because I saw that Jesus and a life serving Him instead of self was much better.”

Please GIVE US THE TRUTH! Only Jesus can truly rescue one from sin and its wages.