::Music Video:: Json featuring Thi’sl and Pastor AD3 -“Goon”

This is probably the best CHH video I’ve seen in terms of quality, and the SONG is ABSOLUTELY a BANGER!!!

The song deals with the perception of young black males who feel the need to overly hard, gangsta, etc. The fellas show you what God says you are, and thats NOT a goon, but an instrument made to worship Him and for His glory. I love the transparency of Thi’sl’s verse, and the line that stuck with me most was from Json “God made you in His image, not here to model men/ OG’s they may have raised you, but He made you to model Him”, and that is the synopsis of the song, it drives the point home with the delivery of a Griffey swing, and likewise, the song is a Home-Run.

This is the lead single from Json’s album entitled “City Lights”, due to release on July 20, 2010 on Lampmode Recordings. For me, this is a definite cop, and I hope you take a glance at the video, and some of Json and Thi’sl’s earlier works. Thi’sl’s album “Chronicles of an X-Hustler” released last year and ever since he’s made WAR on the hustler image thru not only his album, but all of the feature’s I’ve heard him on. Shoutout’s to Json and Thi’sl. Follow them on Twitter  @Json116 and @Thisl