Blake Griffin

Griffin makes yet another poster this season

Now, I’m very hesitant to place a lot of expectations on NBA rookies, I’m also slow to give credit to rookies. I like to see a full body of work, but I have to say that Blake Griffin is impressing me.

His 44 point performance against another hyper-athletic power forward in Amar’e Stoudemire is telling.

What I really like in Griffin however is that he is giving his body no second thought. He missed all of last year because of a knee injury, yet this year he is flying around like a young Shawn Kemp. If the young Clippers can continue to improve namely PG Eric Bledsoe, SG Eric Gordon, SF Al’ Farouq Aminu, and C DeAndre Jordan the Clip-show could be scary in a few years.

The only problem I see with this core of youngsters is Clipper Owner Donald Sterling. He has a history of frugal spending. and it will probably take some money to hold this core together. Sterling seems more concerned with saving money than winning.

However, I think that Blake will have a pretty good rookie year. I think His numbers will definitely drop some, 16 points and 10 boards a game is not out of the question. That might be good enough to win Rookie of The Year honors.

Have a look at the damage he did to the Knicks



Oden may never realize full potential

Every once in a while you see or hear of something unfortunate.

Not the kind of unfortunate that is life changing for many people, like a tragic death. More like an injury, more like potential is not being afforded the chance to grow.

This is the case with Portland TrailBlazers center Greg Oden.

You might remember him as the phenom who bursted into national fame as a high-school player. Maybe even as the number one draft pick who was sure to become the next in line as a dominant big man in the NBA.

Well once again, he’s lost for the season. Oden will have micro-fracture knee surgery tomorrow, ending his fourth NBA season as is often the case with him…early.

Its sad because when healthy, as little as that is, his talent on the court is evident. In 82 career games, which is equivilent to one healthy NBA season, he has averaged, on a per 36 minute rate, 15.3 points per game, 11.9 rebounds per game, and 2.3 blocks per game.

However even when healthy, foul trouble limited his time on the court.

Oden might resemble another Portland number one overall pick, Sam Bowie. Bowie was drafted one pick ahead of Michael Jordan. Similarly, Oden was drafted ahead of Thunder superstar Kevin Durant.

*Throwback Video* Kirk Franklin – Revolution

Another of Kirk’s foray’s into crossover music, while not as popular as its predecessor “Stomp” I personally prefer this one.

“Whatchu feeling, what you want son?
Who you calling to son?
you know Jesus is the true son!,
the second in the trinity, I know you feeling him/
500 days left until the new millenium/
you hearing him, trumpet sounds, the sky cracks,
the last the first, the first the last, it wont pass/
so dont be caught slippin brother, don’t be trippin brother/
cause when I see ya….”

lol can ANYONE tell me what Kirk is saying at the end of his rap verse??


The Comeback Kids

Deron Williams celebrates victory

This NBA season was supposed to be all about the Miami Heat’s romp through the regular season. That’s been a flop so far.


It could have been about superstar players demanding trades. Melo and CP3 are still in Denver and New Orleans.


It was NOT supposed to be about the Utah Jazz.


The team that lost All-Star forward Carlos Boozer and role players from their 53 win team from a year ago, is looking very resilient.


The Jazz have made five consecutive comeback wins against the Clippers, Heat, Magic, Hawks, and the latest a victory against the Charlotte Bobcats. The Jazz have been a team of perseverance early on in this season. Each of the wins in the streak has seen the Jazz comeback after being down double digits.


We’ve also seen the comebacks happen in spectacular fashion.


Paul Millsap’s 3 point barrage against the Heat as he went on to score 46 points, a career high and Deron Williams’ game winner against Charlotte.

This team is a reflection of its head coach, Jerry Sloan, who gets the absolute most out of his teams. Sloan is perhaps the most respected coach in the league, and by extension, his team is also well respected.


Williams has continued his play and leadership for this team, Millsap has filled the hole left by Boozer’s departure. The Jazz also look to become stronger when Center Mehmet Okur returns from an Achilles injury.


If there is one thing we have learned about the Jazz, it’s that they WON’T give up.