*REVIEW* “STOP THE FUNERAL” – @ambassador215

Former Cross Movement member The Ambassador is back with his fourth solo album, STOP THE FUNERAL. In light of his past few years, many would assume this would be a somber, gloomy album, but instead it’s the opposite: celebratory, grateful, and refreshed.

The Album starts with “A-M”, “Get With Us”, and “Mind Made Up”. The tracks are definitely heavy in southern influence, but they have a fresh feel to them. Cheesebeats provided “Get With Us” and Xist Music labelmate Sean Simmonds came thru with an infectious hook.

Amba touches on his failings and how God corrected him openly for his sin.

Another notable track is “Favor” featuring Canton Jones, a collab that many NEVER expected. However Canton’s presence is felt , but Amba definitely soldiered the song.

Tracks 8 thru 14 are the album’s strong point in my humble opinion.

“Talk This Way” is an excellent display of Ambassador’s lyricism and adeptness to the East Coast style of hip-hop.

“Crumbs”, produced by Dave Hackley, Jr. (Lost by Da’ T.R.U.T.H.), is a beautiful song of brokenness and dependency. Amba narrarates the story of the Syrophenician woman, the Centurion’s servant, and the woman with the issue of blood. Jessica Reedy provides a voice that calls for help from Christ.

“Trust In You” featuring Mali Music as expected is a eccentric track. It has a 70’s feel to it and Mali delivers an intricate hook. Sadly there is no Mali verse. That however doesn’t hurt the track, a verse from the crooner would only have added to the song.

“Nothing Like Us” speaks on God’s unfailing and everlasting love. This track, also produced by Hackley, features Ryan Stevenson and Charmaine. Ryan’s CCM-esque hook is a welcome blend with The Ambassador’s lyricism.

“Your Love” featuring KJ-52 and Michelle Bonilla is a worship song, reliant on piano keys and a light electric guitar.

“Put It Down” is a BANGER, and it also showcases Amba’s lyricism. Lines like “you’re looking at praisers, who know how to get it up, know how to get it in/couldn’t keep the law, but the Spirit keeps abiding like a citizen” and “praise Him in the A.M. Hey I’m just saying ‘why we delaying?’/praise Him in the P.M., we’re in the club of people who see Him/as worthy, surely He is worthy, His mercy endureth/as for the the earth, He made the earth and of course He can cure it”

Finally “The Reunion Cypha” is a call back to classic CM tradition. It features Shai Linne, God’s Servant, C-Lite, J.A.Z., Cruz Cordero, and DJ Wade O.

“Stop The Funeral” proclaims that Jesus and the Gospel do exactly that, stop the funerals in our lives, freeing us from sin and its wage, death. So its understandable that we would be upbeat, happy, joyous, and full of praise for our Savior.

Ambassador does a great job of conveying just that, and the tracks do as well.

I give Stop The Funeral a 4/5.

Strong Tracks include “Get With Us”, “Crumbs” , “Trust In You” and “Put It Down”.

A Mali verse, and some featured rappers on songs like “Put It Down”, “Talk This Way”, and “Mind Made Up” (read in Da’ T.R.U.T.H. This’l, and Jahaziel, my picks) would have helped out a bit. Also I like CD’s with a little more length in tracklist.

Editor’s Note: If you add the “icebreakers” to the album, it is effectively 16 tracks long.


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