‘Here Comes The Pain’: Lesnar’s Return


Photo By WWE

That’s a phrase likely embedded in the lexicon of wrestling fans from the early to mid 2000’s. Before the Cena-era, the WWE hinged its hopes on a young grappler out of the University of Minnesota; he quickly rose up the ladder to main-event status participating in feuds with The Rock, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and other firmly cemented Main-Eventers. With Paul Heyman in tow as his voice, Brock Lesnar was a HUGE part of the present and Future for the WWE. Then he left.

After a lackluster match at WrestleMania XX with Bill Goldberg, Lesnar left the WWE to pursue a career in the NFL, trying out for the Minnesota Vikings. He was cut. Lesnar then took his talents east to Japan where he wrestled in New Japan. Lesnar transitioned his collegiate wrestling skills into a mixed-martial arts career. It was here that he found success. He once again became a main draw for the UFC, even becoming the face of the MMA leader. After some health scares, Lesnar retired from the UFC in January.

Enter WrestleMania weekend. Rumors set the Internet Wrestling community on fire that Lesnar was in Miami, the WrestleMania 28 host city, and was ironing out the details of a contract with his former employer in sports-entertainment. On April 2, 2012, the rumors were confirmed fans chanted “We Want Lesnar” during a John Cena promo, and a short, but seemingly long dramatic wait, Lesnar entered to his original theme music and a huge pop from the American Airlines Arena crowd. Lesnar displayed his trademark bounce at the top of the entrance ramp, circled the ring and entered. He taunted Cena then stretched out his hand for a handshake. Cena reached back and was pulled into the tornado known as the F-5, a move that fathered Cena’s adoption of the “Attitude Adjustment” formerly known as the “F-U” from his own previous feud with Lesnar. The Miami crowded exploded into cheers as Lesnar kicked Cena’s hat out of the way.

It’s clear that Lesnar will be used as a main-eventer. He’s too famous in and out of wrestling circles not to be and at 34 years old, Lesnar has more than enough time to make a long career in sports-entertainment if he chooses too. Also, because of his reach into the MMA market, Lesnar is sure to attract many fans back to the WWE. Once again we can say, Here Comes The Pain.