@MaliMusic “Give Me (Live)” #MisFiTtour

Here’s a clip from the Misfit Tour’s stop in Philadelphia. I present to you, Mali Music.



Live performance of a new song by Da’ T.R.U.T.H. called “I Am Alive” testimonial style song. I dig it, what about ya’ll?


I was a convict, convict/
I was in bondage, bondage/
but now them chains is broken/
thanks to His loving-kindness/
now I just celebrate/
free from those hellish gates/
next time they gas me up/
I can’t accelerate/
cut up the fattened calf homey/
the prodigal is back/
lets get this party st-started/
cause I was going left/
but Jesus made me right/
let us rejoice and sing/
lift your heart to the heavens/
lift your voice to the King/
He turns weeping to dancing/
morning to morning/
Satan’s a snake in the grass/
Jesus is mowing the lawn and/
His anger lasts only a moment/
but His favor’s forever and ever, homey!
so now I leap for joy/
like dancing in the middle of the aisle/
but He saw His love from afar/
yes sir, then He put them in a house/
gave Him His ring and robe/
love was plain to see/
and I love Jesus so/
cause He did the same for me!
I got this new announcement/
I’m drinking from His fountain/
Its only by his grace/
that me and my wife in counseling/
now I’m a living witness/
that Jesus is moving mountains/
you can not make me doubt Him/
I know too much about…..Him/
this aint just for no album/
He snatched me from the pit/
I sense you know the outcome/
I’m singing praises/
at the kings table/
if there’s one thing I know now, I know that He’s able!
I know that He’s faithful/
I’m on my knees, grateful/
simply ’cause I’m forgiven/
by the God of peace and angels/
keeps my knees stable/
I hear the King saying/
onward Christian march/
like what precedes April/
So now I’m pressing forward/
my soul is magnified/
I’m still the apple of His eye/
The devil tryed to kill me/
he thought ya man had died/
I got three words for ya/